Spawning works differently in Empyrean. The world spawn serves only as a waypoint for the recall skill until a bed is set. Rather than going to spawn, upon death a player is transported to the nearest active Pagoda.
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A Pagoda in the ocean


There are 7 total classes, including the base class and 2 utility classes.

The base class is Martial Artist , and provides extra health, Qi, and a few abilities that are accesible on all classes.

The 4 Combat-Oriented classes are:

  • Pugilist : A Melee-DPS class that excels at quick attacks and high mobility
  • Soldier : A Tank class that specializes in heavy attacks and high defenses
  • Daoist : Ranged Support that uses conjured arrows to harm and debuff enemies, then heal and protect allies
  • Monk : Ranged DPS caster who uses various spells to fight opponents

The 2 Utility classes are:

  • Builder : Uses abilities to aid in crafting and enchanting items as well as building structures
  • Miner : Uses Imbue powers to enchance mining ability

There is no level cap, and classes can be switched any number of times, allowing for interesting combinations of classes


The world has an origin point that can be found by crafting a Corruption Meter. The further from this origin point one moves, the more corrupt the world gets. In more corrupt areas, you can begin to find iron, jade and even diamond, but the enemies also become much more difficult ot kill, and much more powerful. in low corruption areas, enemies are weak, and only ores up to copper can be obtained.