Step-Stones are blocks that can be crafted and provide a method of traveling long distances in a single click. They come in 3 tiers, each progressively harder to make, that send you a varying distance in the direction you are facing when you right-click on them. Step-Stones can only be placed on top of a block of Slate

Near Step-StoneEdit

Near Step-Stones are made from 5 gold and 2 slate, this means (as of 1.1.5) they are easily obtainable in early tiers with just copper gear (the previous method was either to go find iron or level Miner until you had Imbue Power). Near Step-Stones send you 300 meters (1 meter = 1 block) in a straight line.

Far Step-StoneEdit

Far Step-Stones are made from 5 Marble and 2 Jade, making the obtainable in the middle tier areas. Far Step-Stones transport you 600 meters.

Way Step-StoneEdit

Way Step-Stones are the hardest to obtain, requiring 5 obsidian and 2 diamonds. While the obsidian is easily obtainable with gold (using Imbue: Power) The diamonds are  rare and require travel to higher end corruptions. Ths pays off with the ability to travel a whopping 1200 blocks in a single click.

Recipes and PicturesEdit